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June 17, 2008 - Angels and Demons

CNN reports that the Rome Diocese barred the producers to film Angels and Demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code at two churches.   You may remember the uproar the first book had caused the Roman Catholic community with its message that Jesus Christ had fathered a child and that his blood line had survived through the centuries.


The Da Vinci Code had an intriguing story line, but it also did create a genre called “fact-filled” fiction.   Readers are obviously drawn into the plot and characters, but this genre gave them more information.  Readers not only enjoyed the fantasy, but they learned something along the way.


In Japan, another genre hit the market, called “Intelligent” novels.  Spy thrillers (not too many legal thrillers in Japan) were filled with military jargon and data of North Korea’s secretive state.   Such a monster hit 2 years ago portrayed an invasion of the island of Kyushu by a rogue North Korean force.


I was told by my editor that good fiction is created when you have good facts.  The more credible the story is, the more you can sell the lie.    That’s why even in make-believe stories, authors have to go through a lot of pain to substantiate the veracity of the story.


Many readers of my first book The Sky Burns Red told me, “Oh, I know that restaurant you described.”


It is good to know that people are reading, and that they can identify with the world that you  have created out there.


So when you need to sell a good story, do your homework.  Even when you’re writing fiction, it’s gotta sound like non-fiction.

2008-06-18 06:18:50 GMT
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