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July 17, 2008--The Best Stories Are The Ones Yet To Be Told

                For sports fans, 2008 has not disappointed.  It started with not only one of the biggest upsets, but also one of the most exciting finishes in Super Bowl history when the underdog Giants beat the undefeated NE Patriots in the closing seconds of the game.  Then came March Madness where all the number one seeds made it to the Final Four.  I don’t care what happened after that since my UCLA Bruins lost, but trust me, it was a great Final.

                In June, Tiger Woods gave us the US Open won on one leg.  And in July, Federer and Nadal slugged it out at Wimbledon, providing the world with another reason why tennis matters, and why we should all eagerly wait  for the Labor Day week-end and the Tennis US Open.

                On Tuesday, we watched a historic All Star Game as pitchers from both teams escaped out of cliff-hanging jam after jam throughout the extra-innings with runners being forced out or tagged out at home base repeatedly before the American League finally found a way to win it before everyone ran out of, well, pitchers.

                This week, golf nuts can be identified by their red eyes as they tune in to watch the British Open in a far away time zone.  Without Tiger, perhaps there will be a smaller TV audience, but we are certainly assured of drama.   

                In a month, Beijing will welcome the world for the Olympics.  Records will be shattered, friendships will be made, fists will be pumped, people will be inspired, and stories will be told.

                These are the stories that we eagerly await.   These are the stories that are harder to believe than the best works of fiction.  And these are the stories that bring us all together, as we hold our collective breath—waiting for the ball to swish through the net, for the sprinters to reach for the finish line, for the last volley to bounce on the floor, for the last minute throw from a desperate wrestler, for the scores to flash after a perfect landing on the bar exercise, for our country men and women to march in the opening ceremonies, and as the marathoner who falls tries to make it to the end.

                Are you still looking for inspiring stories?   Just watch the best athletes doing their thing, LIVE.

                Nothing can beat that.

2008-07-17 09:19:39 GMT
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