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Great Writing and Great Sex

The movie version of the HBO series Sex and The City opened nationwide this week-end.  On a warm Sunday afternoon at the Edwards Theatre in Calabasas, I figured that we'd find a few fans more eager to spend time in a dark movie theater than in the California sunshine.

Well, what a shocker--the line for the movie reminded me of the opening of Spiderman.   And 90% of the audience was female.   There was more enthusiasm and vigor in the crowded theater than a week ago when Indy Jones opened.

And as a fan of the  movies, I can tell you that I was not disappointed.  Fans of the four stars -- Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda --would love them no matter what, but even for the casual movie goer, the film was surprisingly fulfilling.  Great characters, lots of fashion, quick New York tempo, deep plots with twists and turns, and great dialogue.

All of which means that it's a well scripted piece of movie.  Since Carrie's role is that of an author/writer, her voice reverberates throughout.  But the dialogue is witty and intelligent, and quite deep.  They pick on issues that go beyond the expected glamour angle.

Having just walked out of the Book Expo yesterday with about 50 books that will comprise my summer reading (and quite fatigued), I was lifted by the film.  So for guys who are balking about this film--be brave and go.  You'll love it, even if you can't admit it.

I have seen three of the movies that kick-off the summer season--Indiana Jones, Iron Man, and now Sex and the City.  It surprises me to say that all were pretty well made and entertaining, but right now, I would rank them in the exact reverse order that I listed them.    This could be the summer of pretty decent movies that would turn out not only to be box office hits, but also quality films.

Adam Sandler's You Don't Mess with Zohan has one of the funniest trailers.  I can't wait for Pixar's WALL*E.   Will Smith has proven to be a big box office draw and Hancock will continue his run.  And can Meryl Streep sing in Mamma Mia?

I love movies because they help me get away and be immersed in a world of make believe.  A good book also does that trick.  But I've learned that both movies and books are great tools of communication--an area that I'm only beginning to explore in my  new business.

My friends and colleagues know that I love to quote from motion pictures.  Words of wisdom from Yoda ("Do or do not!  There is no try.") can do miracles on a crowd.  

Many screen plays are available on the IMDB database.   It is a showcase of great writing.  And although I cannot promise you that great writing will lead to great sex, it is probably true that great sex has led to some of the best writing in the world.

Just a wild guess.

2008-06-02 03:59:02 GMT
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