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Dear Friends,


The US Primary season is coming to an end, and barring one of those ELE’s (Extinction Level Events—a word made famous in the movie Deep Impact), we will see an Obama – McCain battle for the US Presidency come November.


Months ago, I had referred to a London bookie who had predicted that the smart money was on Clinton and Giuliani.  The unexpected becomes the expected in politics, and that’s probably true in the world of business.   The runaway winner in the video game market is the one with the worst graphics-the Nintendo Wii.   The Prius-the car for the tree huggers-- is now the dream car that even celebrities covet, and Sex and the City proves that a TV series can become a successful  movie and that women do watch movies—and in big numbers.


The last week-end of May featured the 2008 Book Expo, the largest gathering of the publishing industry in the US, and this year, it came to LA.   I had posted a couple blogs on the matter in my own blog (see my web-site at


The neatest take-away for me was the Amazon Kindle, the newest gadget that could be to the book industry what the i-Pod was to the music industry.   After hearing the pitch from Jeffrey Bezos, the Amazon CEO himself, I quickly went to the Amazon web-site and bought one myself.


News from around the world:

China is dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake.   Myanmar’s disaster victims get little help from its own government.

China-Will the Earthquake change a nation? (Time 5/22/08)

China-Its Anguish on Children’s Day (Time 6/1/08)

China Olympics - Behind the Bamboo Curtain (ESPN)

Gates accuses Myanmar government of costing lives (NY Times 6/2/08)

Hillary Clinton wins Puerto Rico (NY Times 6/1/08)

But there's no road map for Dems (NY Times 6/1/08)



Recession is the buzzword this month; India is showing off its financial muscles; foreigners buy US real estate; and the terrible condition of the airline industry.

Toyota re-thinks US Sales (Financial Times 6/1/08)

Toyota considers Prius Plant in California (MSNBC-AP 5/31/08)

Tata buys Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford (MSNBC-AP 6/2/08)

Sounds familiar?  Foreigners buying US real estate (MSNBC-AP 6/2/08)

Darwinian struggle in the Skies (The Week 6/1/08)

Yahoo v Yahoo Shareholders (MSNBC-AP 6/2/08)

Wii Fitness (NY Times 5/15/08) (and yes, I got one of these, too)


Other Major Life Impacting Events:

Some interesting things to take your mind off work (or maybe to make you a better person).

Lakers-Celtics-The Dream matchup for the NBA (LA Times 6/1/08)

Science as Part of your Life –A NY Times editorial from the author of The Elegant Universe (NY Times 6/1/08)

Sex and the City is hot (CNN 6/2/08)

Ice on Mars? (AOL News/AP 6/1/08)

Be authentic, not different (Business Week 5/28/08)

Joining Toastmasters—one way to deal with fear of public speaking (LA Times 6/1/08)

Take a look at TED


If you have free time and want to read weird news (MSNBC 6/1/08)


Hope you enjoyed this.  Feel free to comment or to send me a note at (or just go to the Contact Us section of the web-site).

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